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Opesval connects researchers, regional government and other relevant stakeholders (i.e. biomedical/biotech companies, health providers, patient associations…) creating an open space for collaboration. The office acts as a catalyst for health research coordination in Valencia Region having an impact on innovation processes and effective knowledge translation.

To dynamize international initiatives in health research institutes and clinical foundations in order to create an environment that supports the internationalization of our research influencing the translation of technology and knowledge to the society.

Valencia Region will expand the use of its resources to enhance interdisciplinary and interprofessional research in global health issues, and to foster international exposure for Valencian health researchers and institutions.

· To incorporate emerging research groups that did not participate in FP7 projects.
· To create and maintain a management structure with its own staff to provide service to all stakeholders of biomedical research in Valencia Region.
· To train R&D managers and researchers in European projects skills.
· To align regional research strategies with the European Research Area (ERA), through access to joint programming actions.
· To improve quantitatively and qualitatively the results of H2020 compared to those obtained in FP7.

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