OPESVAL organizes the The I Congress on Coordination and Management of EU-funded Health Research Projects

The I Congress on Coordination and Management of EU-funded Health Research Projects will be held on November 8th, 2016; at the “Fundación para la Investigatión del Hospital Clínico de la Comunidad Valenciana” (INCLIVA, in Valencia.

It is included in the activities of the European Health Projects Office- Valencia Region ( Its mission is to promote international initiatives in health research institutes and clinical foundations, in order to create an environment that supports the internationalization of our research, influencing the translation of technology and knowledge to the society.

The main objective of this workshop consists of sharing good practises and previous experiences about how to promote, to manage and to coordinate successfully a European project. We expect to gather an interesting group of different stakeholders that are enrolled in international projects, such us: researchers, R+D managers and companies among others.

There will be 2 palalel activities during the congress:
• Poster session to diseminate project results
• Bilateral meeting to maximize networking

We hope to see you all in Valencia in November!!!

  • You can register here
  • You can register for the poster session here

The preliminary agenda is now avaliable!!

Scientific Program
8.30-9.00h Registration and welcome
9.00-9.30h Opening ceremony

  •        Ana María Ávila Peñalver, Director-General of Research, Innovations, Technology and      Quality of the Regional Health Ministry. Generalitat Valenciana
  •         OPESVAL institutional representatives
9.30.-10.00h Opening conference: H2020: Trends and Strategies in Health”

 Chairman: Prof. Josep Redón, INCLIVA

Speaker: Marta Gomez Quintanilla, Spanish representative for Health and IMI. CDTI

10.00-11.00h Discussion panel 1: “How to impact with your projects on European policies”

 Chairman: Prof. Andrés Cervantes, INCLIVA


  •          Silvia Villanueva, DG RTD
  •          Ramón Sanmartín, DG Connect
  •          Pascal Colpo, JRC
  •          Gonzálo Arévalo, European Office ISCIII
11.00-11.30h Coffee break
11.30-12.30h Discussion panel 2: “How to prepare a successful proposal”

Chairman: Prof. Alberto Zanchetti, Istituto Auxologico Italiano


  •          Myra Daridan, CC Clinical Research Consultants
  •          Maria Teresa Ferrando, K-Veloce
  •          Francisco Mansoa Martinez, Fundación H. U. Getafe
  •          Adriaan Potgieter, Abbott Vascular
  •          Angel Adell, EURADIA


Discussion panel 3: “The coordinator: essential keystone for the proposal and the implementation of the project”

Chairman: Dr. JM Millán, IIS LaFe


  •       Alberto Zanchetti, Istituto Auxologico Italiano
  •       Ferrán Sanz, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  •       Josep Redón, INCLIVA
  •       Carles Úbeda, FISABIO
13.30-14.15h Keynote: “How to maximize the impact of the project”

Jakob Haardt, IPR Helpdesk-UE

14.15-15.15h Lunch break and networking
15.15.h-16.15h Discussion panel 4:  “Successful cases: how to overcome obstacles and barriers”

Chairman: Dr. José Vicente Bagán, FHGUV


  •      Pilar Sala, ITACA-UPV
  •      Joaquím Calvo, IIS La Fe
  •      Sonia Tarazona, CIPF
  •      Iñaki Comas, FISABIO








Discussion panel 5: “Dissemination, communication and exploitation of  project results”

Chairman: Dr. Javier Diez, FISABIO


  •          Angel Honrado, Synapse
  •         Alejandro Piris, VHIO
  •         J.Vicente Castell, IIS La Fe
  •         Joaquín Dopazo, CIPF


 Closing of the Congress, conclusions and agreements

  •         Josep Redón, INCLIVA

author: OpesvalCrew

ana oliveira

Greetings from Mozambique! Is this virtual too or Just presential?


Hi Ana,
This edition is presential, but for next edition we will try to broadcast it online.

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